Web-based application development

Are you looking to build specialised web based application? Your intranet perhaps?

We can give you excellent user centred product based on the architecture that would be best for you.

We regard usability and user experience highly, alongside with the security of our products. This makes your users happy to use your application whilst keeping your application safe.

We always try to keep up-to-date with what is new and provide the best solution to our clients.

We will discuss what is best for you, research your users, market place and finally design and build the application for you whilst you can concentrate on other parts of your business.


Our approach on developing bespoke web-based application

We take three different pathways in order to develop web-based applications:

  • Understand your requirements
  • Understand users of the application
  • Design and build the application

We will dicuss what you would like to achieve from this application. This may include the functionalities you want, type of security, and any additional requirements that are necessary for the application.

We believe in user centred design process where we would like to involve the end users on each and every process of building a system. We will discuss with you about the audience groups of the system, who are going to use it and what they would like to achieve from this system.

Based on your requirements and user requirements, we will choose a solution that is best for your requirements. We will design and develop wireframes or prototypes for the system, create design templates and build the core engine.

This will allow us to build a successful web-based application that is fit for your purpose.


What our clients say...

qouteDesign with Usability has done an excellent job for us... qoute

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