Information Architecture Development

Do you receive a lot of enquiries from your users that they can’t find what they are after? Are you planning to develop a new website? Are you looking for restructuring your website?

Our information architecture service will be the right one for you.

We always think about your users to make sure that your website reflects their mental model– how they would expect the information should be structured.

We will do the background research for you to understand their mental model and develop the information architecture that performs the best for your users!


Our approach on developing Information Architecture (IA)

First we will look at your website analytics if available. We will try to understand how your existing information architecture of the website is performing by analysing the analytics data.

If you do not have any analytics setup on your website, we will look at your existing information architecture and map it with your users’ mental model.

We will conduct our methodologies of card sorting, grouping techniques, symantic analysis and create a meaningful, easy to use information architecture.

With the first version of this information architecture, we will map it with your existing content and conduct a content audit where we go through each of the pages of your existing information architecture, analyse the content and map it to the new information architecture.

In this way, we would know that the content you would like to be present on your website is structured in a user friendly manner on the newly developed information architecture.

Our process of developing information architecture makes sure that users can find the content they are after as quickly and easily as possible!


What our clients say...

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