Google Analytics Review

See user trends of how users are using your website with our Google Analytics service.

Our analytics service team members are Google Analytics Certified– which means that we know how to get the best out of Google Analytics.

We dive deeper into the statistics to identify where the website is failing to fulfil user goals. We analyse those pages and provide key solutions to improve your website.

Our Google Analytics Service will allow you to receive your website performance on a monthly basis and help you understand how the users are using your website.


Our approach on Analytics Review

If you do not already have the Analytics setup, we can help you set up Google Analytics correctly.

We will ensure with our Google Analytics checklist that the analytics has been setup properly. This will identify any data that are not correct due to wrong settings.

We will then analyse the data, starting from user journeys to important pages (such as highly visited pages, top landing pages, top exit pages, bounce rates etc.).

This will allow us to see key areas of your website where you might need to improve the usability of those pages. We will analyse those pages thoroughly and provide you solutions as to what to do next in order to improve the performance of your website.


What our clients say...

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