The science of logo creation

To create a logo, a designer has to know lots of techniques and trends, have some special knowledge and skills. A logotype is a such feature, that makes the brand recognizable and is that, what makes the first customer’s impression. As it’s known, exactly the first impression is the most important and in branding and […]

Best logo designs

Design of a logotype can be different, some impress with their beauty, others may even scare with their ugliness. From year to year, it becomes more and more difficult to create something unique and interesting, what was never seen before.   To make something great, it’s necessary to have special skills and know modern trends, […]

How to make a remarkable logotype?

Creation of a logo is one of the main components of the branding process, so is one of the most important ones.   A logo is that, what customers put their attention for the first time, exactly it makes the first impression. As any sphere of design, a design of logotypes needs some special knowledge […]

Design inspiration

  To create a good website or logotype, it’s quite important to know all the up-to-date trends and modern techniques. A design is exactly that, what influences on the number of customers, so on the income of company also.   Creators often face the problem, that they don’t have the inspiration to make something new […]

Tips for visual communication: design

Good design, even if it is the best, doesn’t mean that visual communication with a client is done. Perfectly done and high-quality design is that, what makes brands attractive for customers, so main principles of its creation has to be taken into consideration.    

The principles of perfect design

  Creating a website, it’s important to understand that design is a great part of its promotion.  Exactly design is that thing, which attracts the customers and makes them not to leave the site. Perfect design influences on an income of any company, so creators must take into attention the main principles of design making. […]


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